Unique and Elegant, Colourful and Happy- these Handmade Girls Dresses will make your Day!

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    • Χειροποίητο κόκκινο φόρεμα λαγουδάκιSale Off
    • Sweet Bunny Dress
      €35,00 €38,00

      Brand new design came to our Handmade Collection! Red soft viscose fabric with ruffle sleeve, no buttons nor sipper for an easy on and off! A sweet white soft bunny with yellow crown is the ideal company for your little girl! You can wear it with a pair of tights in winter time and without in spring time. This is a dress she can enjoy for a long time! Wear it as a top with a pair of leggins when your girls gets taller!

    • φόρεμα για κορίτσια μονόκερος
    • Girls Unicorn Dress

      A beautiful Handmade Dress with girls' most favourite design! Unicorns are here to stay and this one of a kind dress will be her fabourite! Made of soft and easy to iron viscose fabric and all unicorn details are made of high quality felt. Pink flowers make the unicorn even more cute! Unicorn's wings and horn are made of sparkling fabric and makes it even more impressive! This dress is ideal for her birthday unicorn party, school events, family photoshooting or just everyday outfit!

    • παιδικό φόρεμα Πέππα
    • Peppa Pig Dress

      Peppa the Pig! A sweet little pig we all love! If your girl is a fun then this dress will become her favourite one! In white or gray soft viscose, felt details and a colourful dress for Peppa, no zipper nor buttons for an easy on and off! You can choose to have her birthday number inside the balloon! (pls write the number at the notes during checkout if you want this) Give this lovely peppa dress to your little girl and let her shine! If you wish to personalise the dress click HERE. Please

    • λευκό φόρεμα μπαλόνια για κοριτσια
    • Girls Balloon Dress

      ★White Handmade Applique Girls Dress with cute Felt Balloons★ When you are wearing this exceptional handmade dress there's nothing else to feel but Unique!! Adorable design you are going to love! Beautiful pastel felt balloons caught with a cute pink satin ribbon and you have a lovely dress to make the best imppression! Fabric is soft viscose sewn in a simple aline dress without any zipper or buttons so that she can wear it all by herself! An elegant and very comfy girls dress that stands ou

    • παιδικό φόρεμα πουλάκια
    • Little Birds Girls Dress

      ✪ Handmade Felt Applique Dress with LIttle Birds ✪ A playful and loving dress you will enjoy all year round! This beautiful handmade girls dress is featuring mamma bird and her little one! Birds are made of premium felt and eyes are stiched by hand! Ideal for a birthday gift, or everyday walks! You can wear it as a dress and as a top as your little girl gets taller with a pair of leggins! A special outfit that you'll enjoy for a long time! You can wear it with a longsleeve shirt underneath

    • κόκκινο φόρεμα χιονάτη marvie
    • Snowhite Girls Dress

      Lovely Snowhite Dress for your little girl! Unique design we all love! Made of soft viscose fabric with no zipper nor buttons! Very comfy and stylish! All details are made of high quality felt! Ideal for her themed party, school fests or family photoshooting! Wear this dress to your little one combined with a apir of red leggings and she will be so lovely! Ideal for winter but also in spring time!

    • φορεμα μικρος πριγκιπας
    • Little Prince Dress

      Unique Design - Little Prince Handmade Girls Dress A great love "comes alive" and becomes a stunning dress for your special little girl! Perfect for winter and spring time, for Birthday Parties, or just because she wants to make an impression wherever she goes! Sewn in soft viscose with elasticity, no buttons or zipper, soft and comfortable! The little prince and his beloved fox are made of soft felt. Stars are heat transferred and shiny! Impress your friends and family wearing this beautiful

    • forema-pigouinos
    • Girls Penguin Dress

      "Oooo" we exclaimed ... when we prepared it!! This sweet penguin stole our heart from the first moment! You just want to hug it! Put it on your small princess and transform her immediately into the sweetest penguin! Its body and face are made of soft felt as well as the little heart on its tummy! Sewn of soft fabric without buttons and zippers, you will enjoy it all winter time and spring :)

    • Girls Rain dress

      ✴Handmade Rainbow Play Dress for Baby to Toddlers✴ A dress that matches all her tights and leggings! One of most loved dresses from our Handmade Collection! Fabric is dark blue soft viscose sewn in a simple A line without any zipper or buttons so that she can wear it all by herself! Cloud, sun and raindrops are made of premium quality felt. An orange polka dot buttons gives the xtra charm to this elegant happy dress! You can wear it as a dress and as a top as your little girl gets ta

    • παιδικό φόρεμα κόκκινο με λουλούδια marvie
    • Garden dress (personalized)

      A beautiful blooming garden special designed for your little one! Felt little flowers and bright polka dots buttons make a unique handmade dress suitable for her birthday,every day walks or any special occasion! She can wear a romper in any colour she likes underneath in winter and without one in spring time! You can wear it also as a top when you little girl gets taller!