Meet Marvie

Welcome welcome!
It brings me great pleasure to see you have found your way to my page! I would like to introduce myself...
My name is Maria, I am 36 years old and the mother of two amazing children! My son is five and my daughter is three and as you can imagine they are the loves of my life! They are also the reason I have gotten involved with children's clothing!
It all began about two years ago when unintentionally I came across some amazing fabrics which gave me the ambition to make amazing clothes for my children! Not only was it something new & different from what I have seen in the market but offered great quality. They were clothes that truly brought joy to my children when they wore them!
Not long after I came up with the company Marvie! Marvie is a combination of my name Maria and my daughter's name Evie! It is a name that  gives me great joy and makes me even more selective in the clothes I make!
I hope you truly enjoy the Marvie clothesline and wish you luck in all of your future endeavors as well!