• Penguin dressLimited Edition
    • Kids dress Penguin
      €30,00 €40,00

      "Oooo" we exclaimed ... when we prepared it!! This sweet penguin stole our heart from the first moment! You just want to hug it! Put it on your small princess and transform her immediately into the sweetest penguin! Its body and face are made of soft felt as well as the little heart on its tummy! Sewn of soft fabric without buttons and zippers, you will enjoy it all winter time and spring :)

    • ginekio forema xeiropoiito manitariSale Off
    • Felt Applique Dress Mushroom
      €45,00 €55,00

      A very unique and special applique dress for women who look for originality! Lovely electric fabric, soft and elastic with felt mushrooms and butterflies, this dress will surely not be unnoticed! Combine it with leggings or tights in winter and of course enjoy it by itself in spring! For the children's "mushroom" click here!

    • handmade women dress snoopySale Off
    • Women's Dress Snoopy
      €45,00 €55,00

      The favorite hero of our childhood, Snoopy returned and excites us! Relaxing on the roof of red felt house, waiting to go for a walk with you and get the most special comments about your outfit! A line dress made of soft viscose.elastic without buttons nor zippers! Combine it with leggings or tights in winter time or without any during spring :) For matching appearances with your little one choose the girl's Snoo

    • forema vroxi handmade dressSale Off
    • Woman's dress Rain
      €48,00 €60,00

      The most "happy" handmade gentle rain came to beautify our winter days and change our mood! Felt colorful drops on a dark blue background along with white cloud and a yellow felt sun! The dress is sewn to A line of soft fabric with elasticity without buttons nor zippers! Wear it with leggings or tights in winter time or without any in spring! You can combine it with the children's "gentle rain" here.

    • γυναικειο φορεμα κουκουβαγιαSale Off
    • Woman's dress Owl
      €52,00 €60,00

      We all know the story of the owl with its little owl!! Now it's time to wear it:) A wonderful and colorful owl mommy comes either alone or together with its little owl and it turns all eyes on her! Unique fabric quality, from soft viscose - cotton, elastic and comfortable for all day long!Wear it with tights or leggings in winter or without in spring :) For the little owl, click here!

    • μαυρο φορεμα μαμα βεσπαSale Off
    • Woman's Dress SCooter
      €48,00 €55,00

      Our favorite Vespa became fast-seller in little girls! Why not in big girls too? "Get on" for a safe ride with this unique handmade dress and make a difference in your outfit! Sewn in A line of soft and molded fabric with elasticity that allows you to be comfortable and chic all day! Wear it with tights in winter or without in spring :) For matching appearances with your little girl, click here.

    • forema-aplike-vatraxosSale Off
    • Woman's Dress Frog
      €45,00 €55,00

      A lovely and very charming frog came to steal your heart!! On a light blue water lily it waits patiently for its own princess :) A lovely applique design we loved very much, will become your favourite too! Soft viscose fabric, elastic and easy to wear for everyday appearances! Wear it by yourself or match it with a girl you love so much!

    • ginekio forema mila xeiropoiito marvieSale Off
    • Woman's Dress Red Apples
      €45,00 €55,00

      Women’s turn! A unique design that is loved most, now designed for women to enjoy either your own or with your little girl! Soft, molded fabric of viscose and cotton without buttons and zippers and two "juicy" red felt apples for pockets, adorn this unique and chic dress! Enjoy your every walk with tights in winter or without in spring! Match it with your little girl’s here.

    • κοκκινο φορεμα γυναικειο απλικε χειροποιητο κηποςSale Off
    • Woman's Dress Garden
      €47,00 €57,00

      A flower garden in during winter time makes a difference! Stand out with this wonderful handmade dress and differentiate from the usual! Felt white flowers and polka dots buttons, matching with ribbons and leaves, give you a unique look and you are ready to impress! Wear it either your own or matching with your daughter! Find the children's dress here.

    • φορεμα μαμα πουλακιαSale Off
    • Woman's Dress Love Birds
      €45,00 €55,00

      Lovely and romantic, this applique dress will accompany you on your daily appearances and it will give style and originality to your outfit! Sewn in A line that flatters your silhouette, easy to wear and comfortable without buttons and zippers. Two "in love" birds of soft felt, will be with you throughout the winter and spring! Wear it either on your own or matching with your girl and steal the show! Find the children's dress here.

    • VDP_1496-Edit.jpgSale Off
    • Harem pants sneakers (girls)
      €25,00 €40,00

      Comfortable harem pants for girls! Because sneakers are always in fashion ! Soft, knit import fabric in the wonderful combination of gray and fuchsia ! Ideal for everyday fashionable appearances, she will enjoy it in spring, summer and autumn time as well ! For girls who love fashion and want to stand out ! :) If you have a smaller/older brother you can combine clothing with the same harem pants for boys :)

    • appleblue.jpgSold Out
    • Apples dress (blue)
      €35,00 €40,00

      This is one of a kind handmade dress in dark blue and beautiful felt apple pockets for her little hands! Two bright red polka dots buttons give the extra touch of this beautiful dress! Made of soft cotton fabric and ideal for everyday wearing! It will become her favourite for quite a long time! She can wear a romper in any colour she likes underneath in winter and without one in spring time! Wear it also as a top when you little girl gets taller!